Peggy Seymour

A Virginia native, Peggy has traveled and lived all over the world.  Her resume includes fascinating pursuits ranging from a professional horse trainer and riding instructor to a structural designer for off shore oil rigs to operating her own stained glass business in Singapore creating iconic work for Hard Rock Cafés all over Asia!

In July of 1997 she moved back to the States, and settled down in Williamsburg with contractor hubby, Brent, and her menagerie of animals (which includes a 30 year old parrot named Willy Nelson).

Peggy is known to her friends and colleagues as the “plant doctor” for her knowledge of plant ailments and treatments. She has been observed taking plants to the hospital (her home) for intensive treatment and returning them weeks later in prime health.

For the past several years, Peggy’s passion has been delivering an extraordinary experience to her landlords and tenants, and she is excited to develop a leading property management division for the Liz Moore team in Williamsburg.


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