Diana Rondinelli

Born and raised in Hampton Roads,  I married a man in the military and left Hampton Roads to travel with my husband.  Two tours in Germany provided exposure to many places I would never have experienced otherwise.  But, home was always here!

Licensed in 1994 while working for the Government at Fort Eustis, VA, I found that it was very difficult to give my clients the attention they deserved while I worked at another job.  So, I placed my license in a referral company until retirement in 1998.  In 2000, I met Liz Moore and the next decision was an easy one for me.  I joined Liz during my second year as a full-time agent.  And, due to her mentoring and training, I have continually grown as a Realtor and Associate Broker.

Vic and I married in 1989 and blended our families.  In 2001, after retiring from Newport News Shipbuilding, he joined me and we began to work as a team.  Our main concern is to provide our clients the attention to detail that is required to make their transition a positive experience.  And, we succeed in that respect.

Over the years, two groups of clients have emerged that we enjoy the most –  Military and Seniors.  We are members of both the Liz Moore Military Team and Savvy Senior Team.  In addition to helping our military find the right home, or sell their home when transferring, we support them in other ways.  In the Spring, we collect Girl Scout Cookies and mail them to our Troops overseas.  In the Fall, we collect boxes of new Christmas cards and send those overseas as well.

With each passing year, these projects have grown beyond anything we imagined.  Our website for our Military projects is www.aboxofthanks.com.

We have found that Seniors need special attention a lot of the time ~ positive reinforcement of the process and reassurance throughout.  That is something we do very well.  We have found that a lot of Seniors are making these life-changing decisions alone, or with children who do not live here, or who are not able to help.  That is where our expertise and caring comes in to play.  This niche has become very important to us.  We have developed our website, www.seniorstraighttalk.com so that the information they need is at their fingertips.

One of the greatest joys in life is our 11 grandchildren and we take every opportunity to get our family together.  They are each a delight!

When I have free time, I enjoy art of almost any kind.  But in the past few years, watercolors have become my passion.  I enjoy creating small paintings for greeting cards and note cards.  Someday, I hope to spend more relaxing moments with my paints.


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