“Becoming a Referral Agent” on Liz Moore Talk Radio

Have you ever considered a career in real estate, but aren’t sure it’s the right time to take the plunge?  LMA Realty Referral Coordinator Lynnette Tully discussed how you can have the best of both worlds as a referral agent.  Earn extra money part time without all of the expenses and obligations of a full time agent.  During the show, Lynnette shared the stories of highly successful referral agents, as well as outline a plan for how you can get started!  Check out the show and see how you can make this work for you!

Real Estate Market Watch

Real Estate Market Watch

Real Estate Market Watch was created to offer listeners an insider’s view of the roller coaster world of real estate. No matter where you are in your real estate lifetime – just getting started, or downsizing to your retirement home, you won’t want to miss Liz Moore on the air talking about everything real estate!  Listen live on Sunday mornings at 8am on The Tide at 92.3, or visit www.LizMooreTalkRadio.com to download or listen to podcasts of recent shows or to suggest a guest or topic.  You can reach Liz at liz@lizmoore.com or by calling 757.645.4106.


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