Liz Moore Talk Radio Debuts with “Investing in Real Estate for Fun and Profit”

Real Estate Market Watch

Real Estate Market Watch

Listen here as Show Host Liz Moore interviews Cheri Nice, top agent with Liz Moore and Associates, and a successful real estate investor in her own right.  Cheri reviews the formula for successfully flipping real estate for profit, as well as some practical insight on where to find deals in Newport News and Hampton, Va.  Whether you are a seasoned investor, or if you’re considering investing in real estate for the first time, you won’t want to miss Cheri’s tips on a success formula based on her own experiences.

Guest Peggy Seymour, a leading Property Manager in Williamsburg, VA, shares with Liz what today’s tenants are looking for in rentals, to give a competitive edge to prospective landlords.  Peggy also walks us through the most commonly asked questions (FAQ’s) that new landlords ask her as they dive into building a rental portfolio for profit.  Click here for the whole show…

Real Estate Market Watch was created to offer listeners an insider’s view of the roller coaster world of real estate. No matter where you are in your real estate lifetime – just getting started, or downsizing to your retirement home, you won’t want to miss Liz Moore on the air talking about everything real estate!  Listen live on Sunday mornings at 8am on The Tide at 92.3, or visit to download or listen to podcasts of recent shows or to suggest a guest or topic.  You can reach Liz at or by calling 757.645.4106.

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